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Buying a Mini Billiards Table: What You Need to Know About Cabinet Size, Pocket Size, and Surface Type

Want to Buy a Mini Billiards Table Online? What You Need to Know About Cabinet Size, Pocket Size, and Surface Type:– American 7ft: The smallest American table. Still larger than the British 7ft. American 8ft: The mid-size American table. Generally speaking, eight-foot tables are considered ‘professional’ size, whereas seven-foot tables are considered ‘bar’ size.

If you have the space, we recommend the larger size, it generally provides a better playing experience. However, a seven-foot table can be a great addition to a smaller room.

Pockets, varying in design from simple drop pockets to elaborate ball returns, differ in shape and dimension between Corner Pockets and Side Pockets. … Corner pockets have openings sized the width of two billiard balls (2 1/4” | 5.7 cm) at 4 1/2”-4 5/8” | 11.4-11.7 cm.

Buy a Mini Billiards Table online

Buy a Mini Billiards Table online: Pool tables come in many standard sizes, but the typical home table is 8 feet long. When taking into account that the length of a pool cue is 58 inches, players won’t have much room to move around and shoot without hitting a wall. This means that 12 feet by 12 feet rooms are too small for a standard home.

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What size of table should I buy?

Be sure about the size before Buying a Mini Billiards Table online that The size of a billiard table refers to the length of the table and how much it will fit into your room (not how many billiard balls you can fit in it!).

Buy a Mini Billiards Table online tips: When choosing a billiard table, you should be sure to select a table that’s the right size for your needs. A table 8 feet long is fine if you have limited space, and if you only need a table for a single game. However, if you’re serious about playing the game and a small table makes it easy for you to comfortably and efficiently enjoy the game, you should consider a table measuring 13 feet long (also known as a ‘true’ billiards table).

Both sizes of tables are available from billiard suppliers.

Pocket Size

Remember before Buying a Mini Billiards Table online that The size of your table is just as important as the length.

On the plus side, shorter tables are easier to navigate. On the flip side, shorter tables tend to have fewer balls than a long table, which means fewer circulating balls, and less room for pool lingo.

Some tables are available in compact sizes as well, such as a pocket-size table. Pocket tables can measure in at under six feet in length.

Cabinet Size

Pocket size and cabinet size basically mean the same thing:

A pocket table can’t be played with on all surfaces.

Since pockets are meant to be set into walls, it follows that pocket size will be limited to that. There are some general guidelines for pocket size. This means that you should not take the pocket-size too seriously

Surface Type

you need to know before Buy a Mini Billiards Table online, that There are three primary types of pool table surfaces:

Champion Pool Tables have a perfectly smooth, hard black surface made of ceramic material. All sides and pockets are polished. By careful selection, Champion Pool Tables can be easily customized.

Custom Contoured Table comes in two styles. The contoured table features a hole cut through the top, allowing for a pool cue to be easily inserted at any angle. This feature is useful for any student since it can be done on the ground or on the top of the table. The second style of contoured table is the inverted table. It allows for the cue to be inserted at any angle and is much less forgiving to beginners. Precision Club Tables: Precision Club Tables are both round and flat and made of stainless steel or resin.

The Different Pool Game Styles

Of course, a pool table is just a table, so the same type of table will also work in a billiards room in different ways. Here are some popular game styles that are common in American pool rooms. Each type of pool game can be played on a long or short pool table, but the skill levels are not the same for each game style. Each game style has its own minimum and maximum rules, a specific pool cue and stroke, and other requirements for accuracy.

Amazing Indoor Pool Tables and Accessories

Indoor Pool Tables: These tables come in many different sizes and materials. The tables are typically made from polyethylene, vinyl, or wood. More commonly, they are made with a metal frame, fiberglass top, and translucent plastic tabletop.

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Straight Pool

Buy a Mini Billiards Table: The simplest pool games require very little technique or skill. Simply throw the cue and catch the eight balls without a break. The game is dominated by two players who face each other and the other side. These players try to knock all their opponent’s balls out of the table without going over the line. The object of the game is to earn more than the opponent.

Pool cues are available in various lengths for the game, from 2 feet to 4 feet, with most four-foot cues being the most popular. The shortest cue length available is 4 feet. The minimum standard for length is usually 6 feet, as this ensures that all players can play with the same cue.

Billiard tables are available in different styles.


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Pocket Size

You need to be sure about the size before Buying a Mini Billiards Table online. There are three pocket sizes for the pool. “Book Pocket” is the standard size and is most commonly used. The Pocket Size of 8 feet is considered to be the “Thick Pocket” and is designed to be heavy enough to provide adequate support and deliver a solid sound for players, but not so heavy as to obstruct movement around the table.

The Pocket Size of 8 feet is typically the minimum size one will need to find a decent pocket table. The Pocket Size of 8 feet is generally the size and shape of a barrel topped with two heavy rails and features a single pocket on one side and a split pocket on the opposite side. It is also not uncommon to find 8-foot pockets with one double pocket and one single pocket on the opposite side.

English Billiards

Why play pool? That’s a fair question, as people who don’t regularly sit down to play a game of pool will most likely tell you. Many will even ask you how they can play, and what, exactly, the pool is.

British Billiards Table

Buy a Mini Billiards Table online: Billiards is a game of chance, in which players attempt to sink a shot with a cue ball made from wood or rubber – that’s it. It’s simple to understand, but there is a lot more to billiards than just getting a score.

Cocktail Tables

Billiards tables typically referred to as ‘cocktail tables’, come in a range of different sizes and designs. Billiards tables come in a large range of sizes, from small-scale, mobile, folding tables to bulky bar tables used in very large homes and hotels.

American 8-Ball and 9-Ball

Buy an American Mini Billiards Table online: The standard pool table is 8 feet long. This size is generally considered for recreational use or “bar” use. For most home use, home billiards tables come in lengths of 8 or 10 feet long. The better quality American tables come with 2 pockets on the side of the table (9-ball and 8-ball). A four-pocket (9-ball) table usually comes with 7 pockets in the corners and side pockets. Regardless of the billiards table’s size, the pockets are numbered from one to seven, so for a 10-foot table, the 7-pocket pocket will be to the far left, followed by a 4-pocket pocket on the far right.

Buying a Mini Billiards Table What You Need to Know About Cabinet Size, Pocket Size, and Surface Type
Buying a Mini Billiards Table What You Need to Know About Cabinet Size, Pocket Size, and Surface Type

Killer and Cutthroat

L-Balls or “L-Balls”

The three primary issues that surround finding the right pool table are strength, comfort, and storage.

Pool balls, or pool balls used for billiards, are the exact type of sphere that is used in games like dominoes, ping pong, or backgammon. A pool table with “pocket-size” balls generally means that a pool table has a “pocket ball pocket” instead of a traditional “wall pocket.” Pocket sizes range from 3 1/2” (ten-ball) up to 13-ball.

Also, pool tables are measured in the “short-bar” type, or “nine-foot” which is the common measurement of the length of the pool table when folded up against the wall. This makes a 14-foot long pool table look a lot less “small” than what it actually is.

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Buying a Mini Billiards Table: What You Need to Know About Cabinet Size, Pocket Size, and Surface Type


A final thought about Buy a Mini Billiards Table online for you is that Pool tables are popular among both recreational and serious pool players. While pool tables have many benefits, consider the current size limitations of your room or home before making a purchase. Many pool tables are available in many different configurations to accommodate the differences in your space and the size of your pool cues. Try to use the room’s dimensions and floor space to make your final decision when it comes to purchasing a pool table.

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